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No Place Like Home Cat Sitting Inc.

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In-Home Pet Sitting vs Boarding

Stress-free environment
Peace of mind for you and your pet.
Pet(s) are waiting for you at home.Transport to and pick up from the boarding facility
Maintenance of pets's usual routine.
Home prepared meals.
You and your pet(s) must conform to the facility's routine
No exposure to other animal's parasites.Expense and inconvenience of disease or veterinary
Visit and added vaccinations, e.g. Kennel cough
Freedom of home, guaranteed companionship,
Exercise, treats, genuine love and care and
Quality time.
Confinement, lonliness.
Comfort and cleanliness of home.Group pet accommodations.
Vacant home care and security checks. Hiring a vacant home service or leaving your home unattended.
Imposing on friends, family or neighbours who may forget.
Maintenance of medication.
You direct your pet's care.
Other persons direct your pet's care.

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